Public Tenders

Boyd Valuations, in association with your appointed attorney, is competent to market commercial and industrial property by means of the public tender process. The association with a designated attorney combines professional expertise in both the property industry and the legal profession, thereby ensuring a balanced and competently managed marketing programme.

The public tender process requires attention to detail in disseminationg property attributes, both legal and technical, to prospective purchasers. It also comprises a detailed marketing and media advertising and public awareness campaign; provision of legal advice and documentation; certified valuation reports and a managed marketing programme culminating in a public tender opening.

This marketing medium has proved successful for the larger corporate and public enterprises requiring a professional and transparent marketing campaign, and ultimately realising the full market value of their property

Recently, in conjunction with Pagdens Attorneys Inc, we sold the SAPPI Adamas Mill in Port Elizabeth and the industrial yard / head office of Speyers Construction, achieving tenders in excess of the anticipated value

Sappi SA (Pty) Limited

Adamas Mill
Burman Road
Deal Party
Port Elizabeth

Sold for R40 million